Project – Bellevue Hill

Brad Johnson Constructions Pty Limited was responsible for our renovations. The renovations were extensive and involved turning a 1970s rabbit warren of a duplex, complete with thick green shagpile carpet and 7 different sorts of wallpaper, into a more modern and functional home. The work took approximately 6 months.

Jo and I cannot recommend them highly enough. The results were fantastic. I hope the photos that were taken do their work justice. Brad, Fred and the team were courteous, thorough and ensured things went smoothly. In particular, Brad's eye for detail meant that the work of sub-contractors was thoroughly scrutinized and of a similar standard to Brad's own team.

You hear plenty of renovation horror stories. The tales of 3 months jobs turning into 12 months nightmares which cost 100% more than advised. Ours was not one of those.

While Brad was not the cheapest tender for our work, we felt he had a greater chance of being on time, on budget and with a better quality of finish. Having telephoned some of his referees and was told of their good experiences, we had no doubts that the work would be done well. It was.

Nick – Bellevue Hill