Project – Cremorne

Wow! A builder that not only finishes on time, but on budget! If we hadn't seen it for ourselves we would have never have believed it!

After the debacle of the building our deck only months earlier using builders that only turned up when it suited them and took four months longer than planned, we didn't know what to expect for a major renovation. What a pleasant and very welcome surprise to find builders who turned up ready to start at 7.00 am and not make cups of tea and organise their social Life on our time!

Even more impressive was the thought you put into making our lives easier as we lived in the house during the process. Your attention to detail was evident right from the start. You were the only builder we consulted who took into account the limited space available and gave the job enough thought to realise that the flat garage roof was an ideal work space. You managed to build almost the entire top floor before invading our living space. What a surprise it was to come home each day and find that you had collected and locked up all your tools, cleaned paths of debris and best of all, vacuumed when you'd be working inside!

The schedule you gave us on commencement meant that we knew exactly when we needed to organise the choice and delivery of fittings. For a full-time working family this alleviated the need to run all over town at the last minute or make important decisions at 7.00 am in the morning. Your team were always friendly and polite, nothing was too much trouble and they were so well organised. They were extremely tolerant of our escape-artist dog and went to great lengths to keep gates and doors closed. Martin's record breaking Olympic sprint to catch him one morning was extremely impressive!

When plans needed to be adjusted because the architect's designs and reality didn't meet, or when we changed our mind, you were quick to find workable solutions without complaint. When the weather turned against us and we were under canvas, you still came on the weekend to make sure everything was dry. Your thoughtfulness when my stepfather passed away during the job was beyond words.

You certainly lived up to the glowing testimonials that fill your portfolio and we gladly join their ranks. We are absolutely thrilled with the finished job and if word of mouth recommendation counts for anything, you’ll be busier than ever in the future. Our thanks for a job well done.

Paul & Belinda – Cremorne