Project – Cremorne

The builder, Brad Johnson, was recommended by reputation through our architect. We obtained feedback from around five of Brad's previous customers prior to signing a contract with him and were very impressed with what we heard. During the course of the building works we found nothing in Brad and his team to disappoint the high expectations we had gained from the start.

Brad is a good communicator, who can both communicate his own ideas (which were used on more than one occasion to improve the house plan) and quickly enter into the ideas of the owner/renovator. He worked to a tight schedule and met his deadline entirely to our satisfaction, despite the fact that he suffered rainy conditions at a crucial part of the renovation. His management of sub contractors was particularly efficient.

The work site was always tidy and our neighbours were very complimentary about both this and the attitude of the building team. Once the renovation was close to completion and the team was working inside, the same cleanliness and consideration was shown by the whole team in keeping the interior from dirt and damage.


The most obvious part of a renovation to the layman is of course the interior finishes. We are entirely happy with Brad's attention to detail, and the quality of his workmanship has won praise from many visitors to our home who might be considered “in the know”, i.e. real estate agents, other tradesmen, our architect etc.

As with all major renovations, some variations had to be expected and did indeed occur. However, Brad was always quick to inform us of any such variation in the pipeline, and we had implicit faith in his honesty in costing those variations that did arise. The final total variations came in at around 10% on what was a large job, a result which we are very happy with, given the overall excellence of the finished job.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Brad to new customers on further renovations and building work, and wish him well in the future.

Gwen & Ruwan – Cremorne