Project – Mackerel Beach

Brad Johnson Constructions carried out a complete rebuilding of our weekender at Mackerel Beach between September 1998 and the end of April this year. The site is an extremely difficult one as it is only accessible by water. Apart from the initial delivery by helicopter, all building deliveries were made by barge and then carried up by hand from beach some 60 metres up a very narrow path. Virtually all the floors, including three bathrooms, have tiled floors; so there was a considerable quantity of heavy materials.

We were very impressed with the way Brad and his team carried out the construction and did not complain about the difficulties of access, etc. Both my wife and I are happy with the quality of workmanship.

I am a consulting structural engineer and my company has held a builder's (now called contractor's) licence since the inception of licences in 1972. Hence, I feel amply qualified to comment on the quality of Brad's work.

R.J. Pearce – Mackerel Beach